Multiple forms of creativity converge in VIROCRACY from Stuttgart. Not only committed to music, VIROCRACY tells a tale of dominion, disease, doubt, hope, and the rejection of this world in the forms of music, poetry, pictures, and personal involvement.

VIROCRACY is a death and thrash metal experience. Each song is handmade and does not resort to redundancy or gap filling. The band is dominated by an aggression that constantly develops through different tempos and rhythms within the songs, steadily taking on new forms like a virus.

Their debut album IRRADIATION released in 2020 tells the story of Rane, who is sent on a dark journey due to a misfortune and who the listener follows through different worlds and states of mind. The music stirs and drives the listener with its dark atmosphere adorned with demonic growls, crystal clear and hard riffs, buzzing fills, and titanic bass. 

VIROCRACY's second album was released in early 2022. We are currently looking for an experienced and reliable drummer. We are looking forward to hearing from you! 




From left to right:

Sebastian Unic (hired gun) - Drums
Alexander Jelinek - Guitar
Mika Holm - Guitar
Anika ov Moseberg - Vocals
Leonard Fuchs - Guitar
Florian Betz - Bass


Post-human world: After thousands of years of degeneration and several nuclear disasters, humanity as we know it, along with most vegetation, has been erased from the earth.

Extreme heat, drought, and occasional thunderstorms as well as acid rain characterise the weather and have turned the planet’s surface into a grey, muddy wasteland without any trace of animal life – except for one lifeform.

The new prevalent species are reptoid brutes [ecophagists] which are only faintly reminiscent of humans: taller, sturdier, with thick & scaly skin, sightless but with an acute sense of smell - perfectly adapted to the harsh life conditions. Spoken language died out a long time ago; ecophagists communicate with grunts and screeches.

They're omnivores, not even stopping for their own spawn. Yet the high level of radiation in the atmosphere is also essential for them to live - and so is their birthplace, ‘the womb’, a toxic blue lake of heavy water.

In the midst of this dystopian scenery, a fungus, mutated due to the high radiation levels of the environment, starts growing within the concrete walls of leaking permanent repositories.

It is of pitch black colour and feeds off radiation (radiosynthesis). Since the present conditions favour its rapid growth, it soon oozes out of the concrete chambers and -without facing any resistance-, takes over the rotting forest and starts spreading across the wasteland, its mycelia forming a complex network of robust ‘roots’ and fast approaching the lake where the ecophagists live.


Rane lives alone and does not care about others. The only passion is the love for nature, for which they stick to nothing, which makes them end up in an extreme realm. After a dedicated ecoterrorist attack, Rane suffers an enormous irradiation dose and has only five days left to live. Should they abandon all convictions or break down all boundaries? A phase of illness full of illusions is followed by a brief improvement (walking ghost period), which causes Rane to lapse into hybris. Shortly thereafter, however, the radiation disease returns and leads to lonely death.